advertising agency

Advertising Agency in detail

An advertising agency is an organisation which is there to work on possibilities to promote other businesses & services. It follows a process to plan and execute advertisements for its clients.

The process includes a flow chart i.e.

Target Group Research – Promotion Strategy – Designing – Campaign Testing – Full Execution

Target Group Research

In TG research advertising agency finds out which all audience will be interested in the product/ service of the client. This can be checked with past records, media software which provide details i.e. which media targets which audience.

Promotion Strategy

Once research is complete advertising agency works on the strategy part where as per client’s budget various media options are considered and the ones which come under the budget possibility those are checked with per impression cost and the media which proves out to be the best are selected for further action which is also referred as media planning.

Media planning includes all media options available i.e. outdoor advertising, print media, electronic media, digital media, events & exhibitions and much more.


Designing is the next big thing required to be done by an advertising agency to get the best results. A design should have product user’s fear/ attraction, product’s benefits and a call to action.

Once the above steps are complete advertisement is tested in a specific area and if it works good it expands to nation wide or globally as per requirement of client.

Types of advertising agency

There are 5 type of advertising agencies

  1. Full Service Agencies
  2. Creative Agencies
  3. Interactive Agencies
  4. Media Buying Agencies
  5. In-House Agencies

Full Service Advertising Agencies

The advertising agency which can take care of all your promotional work and can even help out in new product development also. They have specialised teams for research & analysis, product development, planning & strategy, designing, production & even execution. If you are going to hire a full service advertising agency, you don’t need to run here & there for different work.