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Adverlabs is one of the leading digital marketing companies offering online marketing services to clients since 2010.

With evolving technology digital is the future of maximized return on investment. Today, in India there are 749 Million active internet users & 686.8 Million (91.7%) of these are mobile internet users.
By 2040, this number is expected to rise to more than 1500 million with more than 99% of the users on smartphones. So, it’s time to act smart and maximize your return with digital marketing services by Adverlabs.

Which all digital marketing services we cover?

– Website Designing & Development
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
– Social Media Marketing
– Display & Video Ads
– Content Marketing
– Digital Brand Consulting
– Mobile Marketing
– Leads Generation
– Email Marketing
– Re-Marketing
– Customized Analytics
– Marketing Automation


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Digital marketing is an excellent choice

If your customers are available online, then digital marketing is one of the best means to promote your business. Most efficient and effective in semi-urban and urban regions. We can even receive impressions at a rate of INR 0.045 per eyeball captured or even less which is almost comparable with outdoor & television advertising along with an additional option to choose your specific customer which we don’t have in other modes. Digital marketing also covers your specific motives i.e. brand awareness, maximized reach, re-marketing, lead generation, store footfall and product sale.

Advantages of using digital marketing from Adverlabs

Custom digital marketing strategy as per your needs.

Immediate visibility & Consistent results.

12+ years of experience in digital marketing.

Guaranteed client satisfaction.

Customized designs for your display ads.

Regular and easy tracking of results.

A fully transparent transaction system.

Specialized retainer packages available.

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Digital Marketing FAQ’s

As the name suggest Digital Marketing is Marketing via Digital platforms i.e. Promoting a product, service or a brand with the use of internet where these promotions are accessed by audience on electronic devices is known as digital marketing.

As we all know usage of internet devices has even penetrated in villages these days and from 16 Million internet users in 1995 (0.4% of the world population) it has grown up to 4.66 Billion internet users in Jan 2021 (59.5% of the world population) which is the highest growth rate for future as compared to all other media options which are on decline rates.
Media with one of the highest audience capture options along with feasibility to track the results makes digital marketing one of the best media to go for promotion of your brand, product or service.

A digital marketing company acts as a catalyst for digital marketing of your business. The digital marketing experts help you with approachable and affordable digital marketing strategies. By understanding the core competencies of your business, they work on following areas:

1. Selection of the Target Audience and Locations as per business needs
2. Strategy and planning as per budget and business needs
3. Planning, executing and managing Ad campaigns on beneficial platforms

Therefore, it is recommended to hire a expert digital marketing company to assist you best in promotion of your business on digital media.

Yes, we do and we are one of the first few companies to do so. We also provide services for NFT domains and blockchain promotion.

Yes, why not? Even if you say your target audience is above the age of 65 & is not very much active on digital media. Then also we would say capture those who influence them.
Digital marketing is the most economic and popular marketing platform if we check in terms of cost per eye ball capture. Earlier television used to rule in terms of cost per eye ball but now digital marketing provides better and trackable results.
If you are still confused, just give us a call on +919990388893 & you can have a word with our digital marketing experts.