Facebook and Linkedin both are American based online networking service companies. While Facebook is a site where users can add people close or known to them and share photos, videos, and texts with them.. more like a ‘fun site’; Linkedin is mainly used for professional networking, where the hiring team can put up job requirements and the interested people can apply to the firm. Both are very different to each other. Facebook can be a mix of personal as well as a professional platform whereas Linkedin is strictly professional..only business related conversations are made on this platform. Both of these platforms are used to reach a wider audience. Being internet based it’s easily accessible to people all around the globe. They are one of the leading digital marketing platforms for businesses to target their customers, here we are highlighting some points on Facebook vs Linkedin marketing.

If we talk about marketing there are some aspects where we can compare both the platform’s ‘higher chances of’ marketing success. Lets read on Facebook vs Linkedin marketing, which is more beneficial for your business? 


  1. People 

facebook vs linkedin marketing, digital marketing companies in delhi

People often don’t prioritize Facebook for marketing. There is a perception that Facebook is a more ‘fun based’ application and hence there will be no business success. But if you look at the stats – as of March 31, 2019, there are more than 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook. And if you compare it to the stats of Linkedin.. it is only 260 million active users. It seems nothing in front of Facebook. It’s difficult to work on Facebook but if the work is done in the right way, the results can be mind-blowing. It can be a struggle to find the right audience as half of the population is looking for entertainment on Facebook but if you hit the right target it will be worth it. Facebook is great for building trust amongst the people and increasing brand value. 


2. Cost-Effective

facebook vs linkedin marketing, digital marketing companies in delhi

Marketing requires huge costs. You’ll have to spend money to get things done. If we talk about expenditure on both of these sites Facebook is the straight ‘go-to’ option. First, the majority of people spend a great amount of their time on Facebook so the exposure is HUGE!! And second, the popularity plays a fair deal with the ad costs. Ad costs on Facebook are a lot less than that of Linkedin anytime, be it a big marketing plan or a smaller one.

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3. Target 

facebook vs linkedin marketing, digital marketing companies in delhi

Since Linkedin is all about business you can easily get to know the people who you want to be associated with. It’s not a puzzle to find the right audience as the work environment is professional but if we talk about Facebook it can be a very difficult task to find the right target audience. Vast population with different interests both in personal as well as professional lives can make huge chaos for you to get your hands on the right people. Clearly in this scenario, if you don’t have the patience and time then Facebook can be a real loss for you.

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4. Creativity 

facebook vs linkedin marketing, digital marketing companies in delhi

Facebook has always been more updated than Linkedin. Linkedin stays behind when it comes to introducing new updates and creative strategies. Facebook has brought a geofencing marketing strategy in use which is a huge relief for small businesses. This strategy uses invisible boundaries to target the customers who are nearby with different surveys and coupons. The ads shown on our timelines are directly linked to our liked preferences and visited pages/sites. Our preferences are tracked down and then suggested on our timelines. Sadly, this feature is yet to be introduced on Linkedin.

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5. Ad Types 

facebook vs linkedin marketing, digital marketing companies in delhi

Facebook and Linkedin both have ads. Where Facebook has carousel ads – that allows users to scroll sideways while viewing images and slideshow ads – that allows you to create a slideshow from a set of images; Linkedin has Sponsored InMail – which is a type of ad only available on Linkedin. It allows the advertiser to send an email styled message to any of Linkedin’s 500 million users. All at once.

It’s not an easy decision to say which one is good and which one is bad. Before choosing any of the two analyze your audience and your resources. For a small business, Facebook is highly recommended but if you have a larger budget keep Linkedin as your first option. You won’t have to go through the struggle of finding the right target audience. Keep the quality as well as quantity in mind. Once, you’re sure of your option, continue with the work.

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Make sure you opt for Programmatic Marketing as it is a huge success. Target the exact audience you want to show the ad to. Programmatic marketing has a set of benefits that can help you achieve your business goals in the most outstanding manner –

  • You can monitor who you are targeting and whether it is the right target audience or not.
  • It makes an early prediction about your marketing success or failure.
  • Tracking your campaign effectiveness is very easy.
  • You can track the number of views and followers on a specific as with programmatic marketing.

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All in all programmatic advertising is the best option. You have full control over everything you have to offer. It’s a valued service. Choose the right strategy and you’ll achieve success definitely. In the modern era, digital marketing is in the top game. You get brand recognition, a loyal customer base, and increased sales. Hope this article on Facebook vs Linkedin marketing helps you in deciding the best programmatic marketing strategy for your business.

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