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Hoarding Statistics

Have you ever checked the statistics of the outdoor hoarding you are selecting ?

Narayana Site

Let us show how it works.

The above picture shows a hoarding of 30′ x 15′ on the Narayana Flyover as shown in map. The following are statistics for the same.

Daily Vehicle Count: 1,02,474* which includes Sedan, Hatch Back, SUV’s,  Scooter, Motor Cycle, Auto, Buses, LCV, HCV & Cycles.

Daily Audience Count: 3,27,173*

Total Monthly Audience Count: 98,15,175*

Average Monthly New Audience Count: 17,50,373* (Expected Daily change of Audience 10 – 20%)

* Count as per survey of 2011

 Adverlabs Output:

The above site will give total new audience at a cost of 9 Paisa per view & impact full eye balls at 1.7 Paisa per view.

This was just a basic study, we have detailed outputs for our clients with specific audience capturing.

So, what are you waiting for  ?

Contact us to plan your campaigns strategically to target the required audience.

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