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Radio Advertising

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Radio Advertising

Many people may view radio as a less popular medium than the television, the truth is that radio still manages to penetrate areas of our daily lives still off-limits to other media. Consumers listen to the radio while travelling, in waiting rooms, in many restaurants and a number of grocery stores.

Adverlabs is one of the well-known advertising agencies of India which can provide Radio Advertising as one of the mediums to advertise PAN India coverage with 26+ Radio Stations.

Radio Advertising Features

Audience Connected

  • Age Group: 12+ Years
  • Home Listening: 52%
  • OOH Listening: 48%

Value ads with Radio Spots

  • RJ Mentions
  • Hourly Tags
  • Broadcast Links
  • Freebies
  • Sponsorship


Radio Advertising Rates

When you say the rate is Rs. 1000, what does it mean?
When we say the rate is Rs. 1000, it means that if you play a 10 second ad once on that radio station in that city, it would cost Rs. 1000. So if you play a 30 second ad once, the cost would be Rs. 1000 X 3 = Rs. 3,000 and if you play that thirty second ad 10 times, it would cost Rs. 3,000 X 10 = Rs. 30,000.

On what specifications radio advertising rates dependent on?

  • Listener-ship: Higher the number more is the cost
  • Timings: Primetime attracts more costs
  • Days: Some days have more listeners as compared to others

On what discounts are dependent?

Discounts are fully dependent on the volume of business, more is the volume rates for radio spots decrease accordingly.

Is there any tax on radio advertising?

Yes, radio advertising attracts GST as applicable by the government.

What is the cost for making Radio Jingles?

We can get free jingles made for your radio ads if the cost of business is above Rs 50,000. In all other cases fees shall be charged as per the concept finalized.

Why Adverlabs?

Adverlabs is a specialized strategy planning agency and we make sure each penny of yours goes in such an advertising media which gives best ROI. Contact Us at +91 99903 88893 to clear all your doubts.

Radio Advertising Campaign

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