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Sample Design Assignment

Sample Design Assignment2019-04-24T00:10:09+00:00

Select total 2 assignments one from each category A & B

Category A – Design for digital promotion

1. Facebook design for an advertising agency ad | Size: 1200 x 1200 px

Logo: Click Here


2. Facebook/ Instagram design for personality development classes | Size: 1200 x 1200 px

Logo: Click Here | Samples: Click Here | Stock Images: Click Here


3. Digital Promotion Banner for save earth (No content just pictorial) | Size: 1920 x 979 px (left~right 30% bleed)

Sample: Click Here


Category B – Infographic / Presentation Template / Interesting Gif

1. Presentation template for an advertising agency

Logo: Click Here


2. Infographic for Marketing Tips For Start-Ups | Size: 4:5 / 1:1 Ratio


3. Infographic for Best Online Advertising Methods | Size: 4:5 / 1:1 Ratio


* The designs submitted should be your personally drafted design, in case of design duplication the application will be rejected. [ Only .zip/.rar file can be submitted which should contain editable .psd/.ai file along with fonts and a sample jpg output]

To Submit Your Designs 

Click Here

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