The Media Audit/ Media Auditing Services analysis the media in order to provide insights of its effectiveness.

The Media Auditing is a review of the sites carried out by an independent third party which is not involved in the process of buying and/or planning media for the same package.

Why should you go for Media Audit ?

For the same reasons you do a financial audit. For any advertiser who is spending a good amount on media buying, various unavoidable opportunities for improvement exist, specially if media auditing has either never been conducted or has not been conducted in the recent past. Typically, a major part of time is spent in buying and executing media that objective process checks and results tracking are not even taking place.

If your mind is contemplating with any of the following questions for your running, executed or coming campaign then Adverlabs™ media auditing services is what you have been looking for.

  • Are you getting the best media values for rupees expended now and in the future ?
  • Are you receiving full value within the parameters of your approved media plan ?
  • Do you think media plans should be evaluated as a trade off between quality & price ?
  • Are your media programs monitored with accountability through objectivity ?
  • Are your media programs being measured against competitive audience deliveries and not simply their budgets ?
  • Was the target audience delivered as promised ?
  • Did these efficiencies compare favorably with prevailing marketplace price ?
  • For broadcast did you receive the planned distribution of audience delivery by daypart ?
  • How did your media value compare to the competition ?
  • Was the commercial trafficking done accurately and timely ?
  • Did you receive a satisfactory amount of value added advertising ?
  • Did you achieve the desired levels of reach ?
  • Could a redesigned plan have generated better reach and frequency results at the same budget ?
  • Were media payments made in an accurate and timely basis ?
  • Was the amount of invoice matching complete and thorough ?
  • Were there any commercial competitive or self-separation problems ?
  • Is the space allocated at right place to capture the audience ?

and tonns of other questions which come up in the minds of advertisers, agencies & media owners…..


For Advertisers

  • Will Receive true value for their money.
  • Specifically targeted audience  shall be covered.
  • Progress reports can be generated.

For Agencies

  • Audit reports will show how well they are performing and can earn more for the outstanding results.

For Media Owners

  • Reports will show what shall be the location of their media for better audience leading to better space value.

Audit is not a word to be feared from, it is for the benefit of all Advertisers, Agencies & Media Owners. If you still have any questions in mind contact us right away at