If you check streets or any nook or corner of the city, they are all inundated with slew of ads promoting something or the other, at all times. The clutter of ads and advertising mediums (like banners, posters etc) is increasing and thus their impact on audiences is declining. Therefore, a catchy and innovative advertising medium is required that can draw the audiences’ attention with its novice charm and unusualness. This brings Auto advertisement into picture. It is a high impact, eye catching and cost effective form of transit/mobile advertising.
Auto is the most commonly used mode of transportation in most cities. An average auto covers around 50-240 kms of area in a day, while spending about 12-18 hours on roads. Thus, any ad that is displayed on the roof or hood of the auto would also move throughout the day covering high streets, crowded market areas, residential colonies, colleges, red lights etc, and capturing close to 0.40 to 1.25 lakh viewers each day. This signifies the reach and effectiveness of auto advertising which is making it preferable amongst all types of marketers.
We can provide a fleet of autos which can be employed by the clients for advertising. Almost 70% of autos’ exterior area (that includes the back panel and the side panel). Auto advertising services are certainly phenomenal and offer a chance to your catchy ads to catch more attention without splurging fortunes of money, and thus befit the promotional budget of almost all small and big business sets ups.