Be it any regular form of advertising, there exists a maddening clutter which plummets the efficiency of your ad message. This call for a new and innovative medium of advertising that can draw the audiences’ attention and distinguish your ad from those already existing. Bus wraps is the answer to it. In this, ad messages wrap the Buses (using vinyl/eco solvent sheets), making them look like moving billboards.
It is an extremely catchy, high impact and targeted way of advertising with a high recall rate. Unlike other static outdoor advertising forms “like posters, banners etc, vehicle wraps are mobile and hence drive with the audiences until the ad message gets absorbed.
We can provide a fleet of Buses which competently carry your ad messages to your prospective audiences. Our Bus wraps are high quality and high resolution moving visual messages that aptly aid in promoting special events, outdoor events, exhibitions, products, sporting events, films, concerts, political campaigns etc. Bus Wraps/Bus Branding is the most cost effective thus, conveniently fit the needs and budgets of most of the business set ups.
Just ask our representative for a presentation to clear all your doubts regarding bus advertising…..