In today’s world with the advent of the internet and the world wide web (www), traditional media has taken a back seat and people have moved on to the online media. In the new millennium, online advertising represents the fastest growing category of advertising due to the fact of its low-cost reach, resembling television advertising, resulted in diverting the attention to traditional computers. The only problem with this system of computers as they were not mobile. With the advent of the laptop computers, this problem was taken care to a large extent but it was still too bulky to fit in the pocket. Then came the evolution of mobile, the pocket-sized computers, the walky-talkies in 1995.

With the on-going revolution and improvement in technology, in the year 2011 came the latest swipe savvy advanced touch screen pocket-size cousin, the smartphones of today with the iOS and the android technology. Most and most people began making a bee-line for the latest pocket-sized smartphone which made organization think tanks turn to this new mode, for the advertisement of their products. It is believed that “necessity is the mother of all invention”. This necessitated the birth of top mobile advertising strategies for business for today’s mobile-savvy customer.

Having understood that people spend more and more time on their mobile devices hunting for information, making purchases, reading and engaging with others, sensibly advertisers trying to win the attention and loyalty of consumers turned their attention to mobile platforms. Thus mobile advertising became the way for marketers’ and businesses began to approach digital marketing companies and advertising agencies in Delhi to reach consumers on mobile devices with information about their products and services. The company think tanks, also through their advertising teams, using below modes began to reach their customers through mobile advertising for their businesses:

Text messages: The SMS or short message service messages, being text or image-based ads received through the text
message function of a smartphone,
Banner Ads: The image-based ads which show up on mobile websites,
Mobile Application Ads or Games: Smartphone applications downloaded from app stores like games or shopping apps

Consumers it was estimated spent almost 25% of their time on mobile, being a very conservative take and could be much more, but advertising through this mode was being neglected and business organizations allocated minimal advertising budgets to mobile advertising.

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Using the above modes various strategies, indicated below, were formulated to reach the consumer through mobile advertisements:

1. Boosting Social Posts: 

top mobile advertising strategies, digital marketing services

A posts from a contact boosted on the facebook, twitter or Instagram attracts more attention and has a reach to a variety of targeted audience and the ideal customer.

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2. Good Content Creation:

top mobile advertising strategies, digital marketing services

As a business, you need to post creative ads with good contents to attract immediate attention of the audience or it will be lost in the melee of ads with the possibility of scrolling past it or blocking it. It should be such that the viewer goes through the contents without even realizing it to be an ad.

3. User Experience and Behavior Change:

top mobile advertising strategies, digital marketing services

The businesses should consider user behavior and the way he perceives the brand message implying that the ads should be listed on places most frequented by the user like industry listing sites or review sites, e-mails and SMS.

4. Relationship Building on Social Media: 

top mobile advertising strategies, digital marketing services

Businesses should reach out to the potential customers and build relationships with them on the social media through “like” posts and images and friendly or useful comments which can be further, with a little extra spending, be added on to facebook, twitter or Instagram account.

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5. Video Streaming:

top mobile advertising strategies, digital marketing services

Short timed snapchat and Instagram videos, gaining popularity, can be edited, manipulated and produced in many creative ways to bring about brand awareness ensuring time well spent by the viewer.

6. Contextual Marketing:

top mobile advertising strategies, digital marketing services

Stories that reveal product benefits, cultivate an interest in the product by providing a narrative on the product. Consumers interested in the contents, click on the stories leading to a product purchase. Thus, contextual marketing considered as content marketing make the consumer feel at one with the product, so it isn’t even blocked.

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7. Native Advertising:

top mobile advertising strategies, digital marketing services

Businesses wanting to reach mobile traffic can do with running their desktop ads on mobile by redesigning for mobile use. Marketers use native ads, which are nothing but paid ads where the advertiser pays the owner of the ad space in exchange of use of that space. These natives ads, rather than looking like an ad they look like a part of an editorial on a page killing the monotony of a display ad and pulling customers interest.

So, to conclude, with the consumer spending more and more time on mobile and click-through rates (CTR) being approx. twelve (12) times more than on desktops, therefore using the above top mobile advertising strategies for business, marketers started to put a greater percentage of their budget towards mobile advertising a must in the fast-changing times of today.

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