Adverlabs becomes the first advertising agency to launch a true web 3.0 fully decentralized website

New Delhi, India, 9th March 2022 (Press Release)

The pioneers of bus advertising, digital marketing, and crypto payments once again became the first advertising agency to launch a web 3 website through nodes connected hosting.

Adverlabs purchased its NFT domains in June 2021 and started page development for a web 3.0 website, it first launched a successful basic page in November’ 21. Then they started with the development of a full website which was launched in January’ 22. Since then they have been testing the loading of their website before a final launch.

But, as the web 3.0 technology is in its initial phase so some glitches are still being observed on the platforms run by file hosting blockchain technology. The Advertising and Marketing Director of Adverlabs — Sunny Singh said “The web 3.0 technology is awesome as any version of the website which you upload on a web 3.0 hosting, it remains there for a lifetime even you don’t have access to delete it if it is actually on a blockchain and is a true web 3.0 website.”

They mentioned that their final website which was launched in January this year is available on the IPFS hash “QmckWgpwfeK3gn7ZTCTrmHQfLc1czmpm2cP5Kj3gTmFCBd” which can also be accessed by various NFT domains which they have, one of the domains is adverlabs.crypto and due to delayed technology upgrades it currently works only with web 3.0 supported browsers like brave, opera and few others which support NFT domains.

The original website will also continue to run and serve their clients till the time web 3.0 comes into the mainstream and everyone starts using the same. Also, they claim to be the ones among the first few agencies which started google search ads in India in 2010–11, they were also the first advertising agency to accept crypto payments in 2020 out of their mainland existence. Now, with the launch of their true web 3.0 website they have become the first advertising agency in the decentralized sector.

As the world moves towards decentralization and ownership, they have plans to launch a lot of advertising upgrades related to blockchain technology to keep them, their clients and their vendors updated and upgraded in the market.