When you have an idea and you think to turn it into a business you have to become a warrior. Nothing starts big, everything worthy comes from scrap. The thing is You should make a plan which you should execute wisely to Scale up your business. This is what we call is Leading Generation Strategies for Small Business. In this content, you will learn about different strategies and learn how to execute them in your small business to achieve good sales and a J-curve.

Here are some glimpses that will acknowledge you about what you will get in the end.


  • How a business is different?
  • Who are customers and valuable customers?
  • Online techniques to attain customers. (Lead generation Online)
  • Some tips to bloom your small business into flowers. (Lead generation offline)

If we talk about the current generation where people are unknowingly slaves of the internet, it has become the biggest platform to market yourself with minimum cost or no cost. About 4.7 Billion people were using the internet as of April 2020 so think about it, it is a market beyond imagination. So now after getting a bit of general knowledge let’s get to our main contents of how does lead generation works in small businesses.

How a Business is Different?

To be honest, no business is unique, all of them are the same unless or until you have a different idea of a different product or service. Imagine you started selling tissue papers, there are already n number of suppliers who have the market but you know what it is all about strategies, if you can think out of the box then you can easily grasp a market. Simply roll out a little change and change the color of tissues and add a fragrance and replace the ordinary ones and control over gradually and fabricate a trustable market. It is not always about the big changes but about the small changes that make a big difference.

Who are customers and valuable customers?

Everyone around you is your customer or you can say a potential customer. You need to create your best product that should provide value to your customers and it will intensify the growth of the number of customers to you. Now it’s time to know and find the best market, if a person buys from you and it was one time and he never came back is a onetime customer and if a buyer comes to buy a product and he is continuously coming back to purchase is a valuable customer. He is generating a regular value to you and in return, you are providing him services. For example Netflix, it is providing a service of crisp and entertaining content and you are regular customers of it so you are creating value to them. So, you have to think in a manner that how you can generate a valuable customer market to scale up.

Online techniques to attain customers

As we discussed earlier that in today’s era the internet is the new oxygen for people and we can easily market our business there. These are some marketing plans for small business.

Let us talk about them:

1. Digital Ads

digital marketing

Advertising over the internet is one of the simplest to get traffic on your sites and to catch customers to watch and view your business. Have you ever googled something or browsed your social media account? you might have noticed that different popups and banner float around your screen those are the advertisement that people apply for to attract customers so, with a few investments you can target a very big audience.

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2. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

If you are able to tell people how you are making their investment worth it and what value you are giving them then they will definitely be interested in your business. A video makes a physical and direct impact on the minds of people. A webinar is one of the best ways to connect people and you can conduct a free webinar and tell others about and then present some offers about your business.

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3. SEO Blogs

SEO blog content

This is the hottest topic for all the writers, you should know the best way in written form that how you have to gather a public to explain your thing and motivate them and win their trust by words. You just need an SEO blog post that defines every aspect of you and attracts people with the best ranking on google when keywords relating to your business are searched.

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4. Social media promotions and Guest posting

Social media have become the topmost used platforms to promote small businesses. You can create pages on different applications and websites and promote your product there, you can also take help of some social media influencers who are related to your business such as for a technology-based product you can contact any technical channel on YouTube to promote your video and their subscribers will become your potential customers.

Some tips to bloom your small business into flowers

When we think about marketing strategies for small business and how will it make our business  famous and known to the market we have to think about the ways we can do this, below I am going to give out some ways you can attract and make people talk about you :

1. How it helps others and how is it worth it

help others

Tell people how are you are solving their problems and what is your main objective to start the business. If you are able to explain what are you about then it starts building the interest of people. Think of it when you pay someone you see how the money you spend is worth to you in the same manner you have to gain trust and make there every penny worth when they invest in you and your business.

2. Public Speaking

Public Speaking

A great orator can gather a huge about of public if he makes the conversation interesting and about you. People give all their ears to him and yes public speaking is one of the effective ways to gather a huge about of public around you and then it becomes your job how to handle and make people sound your business interesting.

3. Cold Calling

Yes, it sounds very irritating when someone calls you and tells about them and their thing, but if cold calling is done in a perfect manner then it can help you to target your customers easily. You just need to find what people are looking for and are you able to give what they want and if a bit of their interest is in you then you have to convince them to invest in you.

Each and every business is different in some manner but yes you need to find what and how you can stand out in the market and provide a different way to get your customers base.

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